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How to make your Santa's Sack
- Drawstring Bag

cross stitch Father Christmas
Making Your Santa's Sack

Finished Size of Santa's Sack

- 56cm width x 81cm length ( 22" wide x 32" long )

Materials Required
Completed Cross-stitch 'NAME' sampler.
Fabric of your choice e.g. Cream Cotton Calico
- 2 pieces x 85cm x 60cm (33.5" x 23.5")
- 2 pieces 85cm x 4cm (33.5" x 1.5")
plus matching thread for stitching
and 3.6 metres x 4.5 yards of matching cord
Santas Sack


1) Complete your Cross-stitch design as per instructions in kit.

2) Trim embroidery to within 4cm (1.5") of cross-stitching along the top and bottom edges.

3) Using the holes on the Aida as a guideline turn in 1.5cm (0.5") along the top and bottom edges,
press & tack into place.

4) Centre the sampler across the middle of one of the large pieces of fabric (right-side facing).

5) Machine or handstitch sampler to fabric along top & bottom edges.

6) Turn over the fabric so wrong side is facing. Along the top edge fold over 1cm (0.25")
then another 2cm (1") - stitch to make a hem. Repeat on second large piece of fabric.

7) Place the two pieces of fabric right-sides together and stitch along bottom and side edges leaving 2cm (1") seam allowance, making sure the cross-stitch sampler is caught within the seam.

8) To make casings for the cord, take the 2 small pieces of fabric, fold over 2cm (1") on each short end (to fit the width of the bag) and stitch to neaten. Fold back 0.5cm (0.25") along top and bottom edges, press or tack in place.

9) Turn bag right-side out. Cut the length of cord in half, place one length of cord across the width of the bag 5cm (2") from the top leaving 15cm (6") spare at right-hand-side. Take this piece of cord across the back of the bag 5cm (2") from the top to match front leaving 15cm (6") spare at right-hand-side.

10) Repeat with second piece of cord leaving the spare 15cm (6") on the left-hand-side.

11) Pin one piece of casing over the two pieces of cord on front of bag and stitch in place
along top and bottom edges, being very careful not to catch the cord inside the casing
and leaving the short sides open. Repeat with second piece of casing on the back of the bag

12) Knot the two ends of cord together on each side of bag.

As an alternative to the traditional Christmas Stocking why not make this large practical drawstring bag. Attach a personalized
Counted Cross-stitch Christmas Banner
(designed by us for you to stitch
to create your own unique Santa's Sack.

Lady Cross stitcher


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