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Counted Cross-stitch Alphabet of Fairies Charts & Kits

Alphabet of Fairies
Our Fantasy Alphabet of Fairies Cross stitch samper
would enhance any little girls bedroom wall.

With over 100 delicate shades of DMC Silk our little fairies
really do appear to come alive as you stitch them on to the
Cream Fabric (18 Count Aida recommended)

Our Large Full Colour Cross stitch Alphabet of Fairies
Chart & Key also comes complete with a
Lowercase Lettering Cross stitch Alphabet chart
Sun & Clouds cross-stitch chart
Cross-stitch & Backstitch Alphabet so you can
add a personalised message to your sampler
- you can stitch lots of Fairy Cross stitch Name samplers as well as the 'Whole Cross stitch Alphabet'

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Using the Alphabet of Fairies Chart you can design lots of Fairy Names this really is a chart you will use time and time again. The samplers can then be personalised by adding a message using our Cross-stitch or Backstitch Alphabets.
Example: Birth details to make an extra special birth sampler

Cross-stitch Fairy 'Name' Samplers using our Fairy Alphabet Chart

Cross stitch fairy Louise

Cross-stitch Fairy Greetings Card
can also be stitched using our Alphabet

Mystical Cross-stitch Greetings Cards

Individual letters from the Alphabet of Fairies can be
stitched to make personalised Greetings Cards
then just add a message using the
backstitch alphabet chart.

O fairy Cross-stitch

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Fairy Alphabet Chart
Large Full Colour Alphabet of Fairies Chart & Key
Lowercase Alphabet Cross stitch chart
Lowercase Lettering Alphabet (a-n)
Cross stitch alphabet
Cross stitch Alphabet
Lowercase cross stitch alphabet
Lowercase Lettering Alphabet (o - z)
Back-stitch Alphabet
Backstitch Alphabet

Plus if you purchase the Full Kit you get
107 delicate shades of pre-sorted DMC Silks,
18 Count Aida Fabric - approx size 46cm x 66cm
Needle & Instructions
Sun & clouds Cross stitch
Sun & Clouds Chart & Key

What your Alphabet of Fairies includes -
Large Full Colour Alphabet of Fairies Chart & Key, Lowercase Lettering Alphabet,
Cross-stitch & Backstitch message Alphabets plus Sun & Clouds




Approx finished size of our Cross Stitch Alphabet of Fairies Sampler:

18 Count Aida - 30cm (wide) x 50cm (high)
14 Count Aida - 40cm (wide) x 65cm (high)


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